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Information, Help & Support

We try to make complying far less trying!

Constant help and support

Responsible clients and development professionals need help achieving development certification not further development controls.

We understand how difficult it is to keep up with rapidly changing legislation and guidance. That’s why we are committed to sharing our information and resources with our development partners.

Simply browse our approved documents, fire safety guides and the wealth of information contained in the information catalogues.    You will find these on our landing page.

We win business by helping our clients achieve their business objectives!

  • Responsible clients and development professionals “consistently” deliver buildings which are totally fit for purpose (not merely compliant).
  • They recognise that the current guidance merely provides a “reasonable” basis for initial discussion and that ultimately a building which is truly fit for purpose must also be compliant.
  • They also understand that early discussion and an ongoing dialogue with their compliance partners is entirely necessary if they hope to deliver buildings which are both economic and compliant.
  • We also recognise that this dialogue is essential and we are always available and happy to help.


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