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Negotiating Building Consents


Although Building Consents has been operating as approved inspectors for almost 10 years, it’s founder and many of its surveyors actually have a much more extensive history of assisting major development clients to negotiate their Building Consents.

Our founder and managing director set up his first business with the specific intention of helping development clients to realise their development objectives and to negotiate the terms of any building consents they received.

Successful early clients included Nader Haghigi who founded the very successful Parisa chain of high street restaurants in the early 1970’s. Nader went on to win the accolade of North West entrepreneur of the year as a result of his repeated success in delivering the high street chain in spite of very stiff opposition from many Planning Authorities at the time.

Many of our approved Inspectors possess similar skills, and a wealth of experience in helping development clients might find useful in achieving their right to building consents. They include, Structural Engineers, Fire Engineers, Party Wall surveyors, and more.

If you find yourself embroiled in difficult contractual or compliance negotiations, you may want to consider appointing one of our surveyors to assist you in negotiating Building Consent, or a fair and equitable solution to your dilemma.

If all else fails you may also find that our surveyors provide excellent expert witnesses. We are more than happy to appear on your behalf should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to pursue a legal remedy.



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