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Building Consents Ltd are Approved Building Inspectors covering the North West & Midlands.

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At Building Consents, we are proud to provide support for individuals and construction companies making sure that the new buildings are compliant and safe. Our private building control inspectors focus on your most critical issue: ensuring that your project complies with the Building Regulations. While the building remains your design, we will check the structure and safety, energy conservation, and access features for you.

Our Building Control Services:

How Our Building Inspectors Help

First, we undertake a thorough plan check to make sure you meet the requirements and, if necessary, consult with the fire service and water authority. If you have a complex project and have hired experts in fire engineering or acoustics for instance, we let them do their job but can add value to the project by ensuring their work is recognised as part of the overall Building Regulations compliance.

Next, we inspect the building on site. At key stages we’ll come out and ensure your work complies with the latest regulations. We’re not a clerk of works and cannot see every element but by spot checks at the right moment. By looking at your methods of construction and overall approach we can be reassured that the final project is compliant. If we spot anything wrong we’ll tell you straight away and work with you to make sure problems don’t re-occur.

Our Building Control Inspectors Are On Your Side

By being part of the overall design and construction process we can help you to make sure your buildings are safe and healthy for future occupiers. We will also consult with you, so you know which building regulations you should pay extra attention to. Learn more about our private building control inspectors who can assist you with your project.

Is Building Control different to Planning Permission?

Yes, Building Control is different to Planning Permission, although you may need both for your project. Generally, for any construction project, you will need some form of permission. Planning Permission includes the way building work appears when complete and the impact it will have on the surrounding environment. Building regulations are designed to ensure that buildings themselves are safe for use. Internal alterations generally require building control but not planning permission. However, you should always check with your local planning authority to check whether planning permission is required for your specific project

What is the Building Control process?

We encourage you to hire a professional architect to draw plans and provide specifications for the materials on your project. We will quote based on the time we’ll need to check the design and inspect it on site. Once appointed, we notify the local council that the project is planned and 5 working days later you can legally start work. We will inspect the work at agreed stages. Then when its all finished satisfactorily we issue a completion certificate.

Who is responsible for Building Control?

The land or property owner is responsible for complying with all the relevant planning rules and building regulations and liable for any and all remedial works. Therefore, it's essential to ensure your project complies with the building regulations. You can delegate this responsibility to your builder or contractor in advance of them starting the work but you are responsible for ensuring your home complies with all relevant building standards. You can choose an Approved Inspector such as Building Consents Ltd. or you can use your Local Authority’s service. As an Approved Inspectors we are highly regulated and registered with CICAIR (Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register) and carry professional Indemnity Insurance. To retain our status as an Approved Inspector, we undergo regular audits and demonstrate we're meeting strict service standards.

How much does approval cost?

This can vary according to the type of work you are planning and the number of inspections it will require, but the fees for most conversion, renovation or extension work will cost less than £1,000. This is money well-spent to have peace of mind of a third party independently checking your design and construction work in progress

Do I need building regulations?

Depending on the work you're doing you might need to get planning permission or building regulation approval, or both. If you go ahead without permission or approval, you might end up having to put things back to how they were.
You need building regulation approval to check the work you're doing reaches certain safety and energy efficiency standards

Building an extension
You will need to apply for Building Regulations, unless the extension is exempt, e.g. porch or conservatory.
Converting a loft/garage/basement into a room
You will need to apply for Building Regulations, even if it is only a store or hobbies room.
Internal alterations within a house
If the alterations are of a structural nature e.g. the removal or part removal of a load bearing wall, or removal of part or the whole of a chimney, or if they effect fire safety such as changed layouts, etc. you will need to apply for permission.
Building Regulations needs to be granted if you are removing a wall (even a non-load bearing wall) that could affect fire safety within the dwelling, such as a wall that separates a room from the hallway or landing area.
If you are adding a kitchen or bathroom to your house that wasn't already there then regulations are likely to be needed. This is to make sure that there is sufficient drainage and new electric.
Constructing a porch or conservatory
Permission will not be needed provided the floor area is less than 30 square metres, it is substantially of clear or translucent materials (a minimum of 75%) with the external walls at least 50%. It must be separated from the house by a door and if it is constructed at ground floor level.

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