How We Help

At Building Consents, we are proud to provide support for individuals and construction companies making sure that the new buildings are compliant and safe. Our private building control inspectors focus on your most critical issue: ensuring that your project complies with the Building Regulations. While the building remains your design, we will check the structure and safety, energy conservation, and access features for you.

How We Help

First, we undertake a thorough plan check to make sure you meet the requirements and, if necessary, consult with the fire service and water authority. If you have a complex project and have hired experts in fire engineering or acoustics for instance, we let them do their job but can add value to the project by ensuring their work is recognised as part of the overall Building Regulations compliance.

Next, we inspect the building on site. At key stages we’ll come out and ensure your work complies with the latest regulations. We’re not a clerk of works and cannot see every element but by spot checks at the right moment. By looking at your methods of construction and overall approach we can be reassured that the final project is compliant. If we spot anything wrong we’ll tell you straight away and work with you to make sure problems don’t re-occur.

Our Building Control Inspectors On Your Side

By being part of the overall design and construction process we can help you to make sure your buildings are safe and healthy for future occupiers. We will also consult with you, so you know which building regulations you should pay extra attention to. Learn more about our private building control inspectors who can assist you with your project.