Advent Calendar 5th December

Dec 5, 2022glyn

Open up the next window and what do we find?

The next revision to Part R which comes into force on December 26th.

Part 1 today!

Follow the link to download the document

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Advent Calendar day 3.

Dec 3, 2022glyn

How many of you know about the first Building Regulations in 1775?

The Building Act 1774 (formally known as the Fires Prevention (Metropolis) Act 1774) was an Act passed in 1774 by the Parliament of Great Britain to consolidate earlier legislation and to regulate the design and construction of new buildings in London. The provisions of the Act regulated the design of new buildings erected in London and elsewhere in Great Britain and Ireland in the late Georgian period.

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Advent calendar Day 2

Dec 2, 2022glyn

Day 2 of our Advent Calendar and we turn to the Building Control Performance Standards which are at the core of what we do.

If you're a Building Control practitioner you should be fully aware of the guidance but its always good to refresh ourselves.... especially appendix 4.

The standards can be downloaded on our LinkedIn page here.

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Building Control Advent calendar

Christmas is coming so what better than a Building Control Advent calendar!

Each day we'll have a new Building Control tip, advice, fact or joke to keep you amused in the run-up to the festive season.

First off... December 1st is the day of the new Amendments to Part B - have you got yours?

Download it here.

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Fire Safety in the home

Mar 30, 2022glyn

In 2020 /21 there were a total of 27,021 fires reported in dwellings, 24,362 of which were accidental. As shocking as the statistics are, it is important to acknowledge that over the last few years, fire incidents are gradually decreasing at a steady rate, down from 28,499 the previous year

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Another completion

We're pleased to have been the Approved Inspector on Old Station Gardens in Warrington constructed by Carpenter Build. How can we help you on your next project?

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Free "One Click" Guide to design and construction compliance

We've created a simple e-guide which provides development teams with a convenient “one click” access to all of the current compliance guidance that you are likely to need in order to discharge your compliance responsibilities. We hope you find the guide useful.

Direct download link: 

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Are you a frustrated developer?

Have you ever sat in a room where nobody seems to be listening? You have asked for a simple timeline but the matter is becoming complicated. The Fire Strategy is incomplete because the architect’s drawings are delayed. The Engineer was supposed to have integrated the lift cores but the lift manufacturer has questioned the finishes by the Interior designer.  

The last thing you need is further bureaucratic delays and complications from Building Control. In fact - you don’t need Building Control. 

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Top tips to cut the cost of your home extension

Top tips to cut the cost of your home extension

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Christmas doesn't stop completions...

Dec 16, 2021glyn

Christmas doesn't stop completions...

We're working with ISG to get completed apartments handed over safely and on time.


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