Are you a frustrated developer?

Have you ever sat in a room where nobody seems to be listening? You have asked for a simple timeline but the matter is becoming complicated. The Fire Strategy is incomplete because the architect’s drawings are delayed. The Engineer was supposed to have integrated the lift cores but the lift manufacturer has questioned the finishes by the Interior designer.  

The last thing you need is further bureaucratic delays and complications from Building Control. In fact - you don’t need Building Control. 

Instead, you want a partner on your project, helping you to achieve your development objectives and giving honest third-party feedback.   

What you are really looking for is Building Consents. 

  • We’re used to working alongside developers on high profile projects.  
  • We work with you – not against you, from design to delivery. 
  • We tell you what information is needed and confirm receipt. 
  • We issue completion certificates on the day they are needed.  

Please contact us and we can begin to help you on your next project 

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