New Thermal Building Regulations released

New Thermal Building Regulations released

Following extensive consultation the government has now published its updated Building Regulations for England which includes amendments to Approved Documents F (ventilation), and L (Conservation of fuel and power), as well as introducing a new approved document for Overheating (Part O).

The new Regulations will apply from June 2022 so applications received after that date will need to comply wit the new requirements.

The key changes are as follows:

New Homes

  • Uplift to energy efficiency standards- 31% reduction in carbon emissions (compared to Part L 2013) delivered predominantly through carbon saving technology and fabric improvements.
  • Adoption of the ‘full’ Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard as expected.
  • Introduction of new Building Regulation and Approved Document O for the mitigation of Overheating risk.
  • Removal of the overheating risk assessment from Part L and SAP.
  • The other changes for new homes were confirmed in the Future Homes Standard consultation response earlier this year.

Existing Homes

  • Uplift of fabric standards for new thermal elements for work on an existing home
  • Introduction of a primary energy and fabric energy efficiency metric for the whole house calculation method for new extensions
  • New or replacement heating systems should be designed to accept low carbon heating in future
  • Revised guidance on work to ventilation systems in existing homes

The full documents can be downloaded here:


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New Thermal Building regulations
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