Top 5 tips on building your house extension

Top 5 tips on building your house extension

If you want more space or need a new room in your house for living, working or playing then an extension is a great solution. We have some advice if you’re thinking of building an extension to your house :

Let the countdown begin!

5 – Set a budget

This might sound obvious but too many people underestimate how much it’s going to cost.  As a general rule you should allow £1,500 per square metre and then have a contingency fund of 10%  If it’s a significant amount of work like a new house or a refurbishment it’s prudent to get the work measured and costed professionally by a quantity surveyor.

Also, don’t forget all the hidden extras like paying your designer, fees, fittings and furnishings, maybe even landscaping. It all adds up – but it’s worth it in the end.

4 – Talk to your neighbours 

Some of the biggest issues a homeowner will face with their property dreams is their neighbours. It only takes a few minutes but by telling them what you are planning and why you can save a lot of trouble later when the builders are too noisy, or they’ve left a pile of sand on your neighbour’s drive. You can also invite them when it’s all finished!

3 – Choose the right builder

Choosing the right builder is essential as with the wrong one your dream will very quickly become a nightmare! Make sure you visit previous projects they have done, talk with them and look on google for reviews. Ours for instance is here and shows positive comments and happy clients.

It’s always worth having a written agreement with your builder and agree with them the costs, payment schedule and timescale.

2 – Finding the right Designer or Consultant!!

You can have a dream but that can easily become a nightmare if you don’t start properly by hiring an expert. We know that costs money upfront but it’s money well spent and will save you a lot of heartache and cash in the long run.

Hire a local architect. You can find one online using Google but its far better to use one that’s recommended to you by friends or family. If you find one online then make sure you check their Google reviews!

1 – Get all of your approvals first

Even if your extension doesn’t need Planning Permission it will still need Building Regulations Approval. Building Regulations apply in England and Wales and set minimum construction standards. At Building Consents we check your drawings and details to make sure they comply and will then  make sure it’s built correctly by inspecting it at key stages.  


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As the leading Approved Inspector in the North West and Midlands we can help you to build a safe building project whether its a kitchen or dining extension, loft conversion or a new house.




top 5 tips on building your home extension
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